Monday, March 29, 2010

How SWEET it was!

This weekend I participated in the Sweet Taste of Serendipity Crop (Here)over the weekend and man o' man, was it sweet! I had a blast and really enjoyed getting out of my "cropping box" on several challenges. My creations are up above but here are a few of my faves!

Int his challenge we had to make/alter 75% of the things we included...
I think the only thing I DIDN't make/aler is the blus paper behind the circle and the pictures! From piling up all the ribbon/trim and scrinching it with paint cover fingers to stickles and shimmer pant... I LOVE it! I am NEVER this "busy" on a layout, but the results were so amazing the pic does not do it justice!

These were "Throw Downs" and we had like and hour and a half to do BOTH and I saw them about 30 mins AFTER the time limit started! EEK! That limit included the time it took to upload it and link it, too!

I challenge you to get out of your "cropping box" and create a LO with things altered/created by YOU!

Heads up: JMS reveal on 4/1

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