Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out of Pocket...

Sorry to have been out of pocket the last few days. I have been out of town working remotely on a limited internet connection and visiting my Dad, Stepmom and his parents, who are not doing so well.

Yesterday was a good day for my Gramma, and a rough day for me as I had to head home knowing things will never be the same for them and the life they once had. I pray they are able to find consisitent help and that the doctors can get my Gramma's confusions treated. They are both such amazing people and their lives are an inspiration. He has been plagued with manacular degeration for years and has very little sight left, and she was his eyes. Now she is having episodes where she can't communicate what she want or needs to and has decided she can no longer drive, which is rough since their 2 sons both live about 40 miles away from the very small town they live in.

All very sad and heartbreaking for them and those that know how "together" they were.

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