Friday, August 26, 2011


So I love the super fine glitter that PK Glitz has! It is like a powder it is so fine and super sparkly! I picked up this fab little color back in June to go on a LO for design team and have found a few ways to work it in and thought I would share! I have a billion little arrow stickers and they never seem to be the right colors. Annoying? YES! Fixable? YES!

I grabbed an arrow sticker, carefully cutting out the full sticker and a small border around it. The first process of glit-ifying the sticker was to put the sticker in my tray sticky side UP! I poured on the super fine glitter from PK Glitz and then used a burnished glitter technique to be sure it stuck well. Burninshing is super easy, and requires a single tool.. a finger!!! Rubbing in a small circular motion, I worked from one end of the arrow to the other pressing the glitter into the adhesive on the back of the sticker. If I found a spot to have too thin of a coat, I simply added more glitter from the pile around it. I used tweezers, picked up the sticker and tapped on the back until the clumps were gone.

Using the remnant of the sticker sheet, my two way adhesive pen, a bone folder and the same burnishing technique, I did double duty and ended up with an arrow directly on my cs! To do that peel the sticker part of the remnant off the coated paper. Do this carefully! Place it on your cs (I would suggest the LEAST textured cs you have) just as you would if you were using the actual sticker. Once in place, press around the edges of the remnant with the bone folder to be sure you get a good seal. Apply your two way adhesive (I prefer the wedge tipped pen) and allow to dry to clear, for permanent use. Using a splat mat or a tray, sprinkle the glitter and burnish it with your finger like before. Once done burnishing, tap off the extra glitter, and yes the little clumps will separate (once back in the jar). Carefully peel off the sticker remnant and your glittery arrow will remain on your cs!

The darker arrow is the result of direct application on the cs, the lighter arrow is the back of the sticker which happened to be on white paper, and the remnant is there, as well.

Now, for another use of the two-way pen and the glitter with the burnishing technique! I used blackboard letters and my two way pen, along with the same color of PK Glitz glitter. I popped the letter out, coated it in two-way adhesive, waited for it to dry clear and poured on the glitter. Burnished with my finger, tapped it and voila... glit-a-fied chipboard letter!


Now for the use of the cs arrow and the letter...

If you'd like to learn one of these glittery processes, I will be at the September 17th Make 'N Take at Scrapville! Come see me!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Utee Explosion!

So when wondering around in scrap-video land the other day I came across a cool technique. They combined Utee with 3D fabric paint for a different look. So I decided to try it out in a few different combinations myself. Now, to get you there!

I grabbed some random raw chipboard from my stash and got to work. I grabbed my Adirondak acrylic paint dauber, utee, 3D fabric paint, and even some glimmer mist. Basically a few things that were wet to 'hold' the utee until it could be heated and set.

I took two pieces of my chipboard shapes and covered one completely with 3D fabric paint. I made polka dots on the other with the same 3D paint. (note: this purple chipboard was covered with a layer of colored paper, but not a shiny finished look.)

While STILL WET I covered with utee lightly.

The second process...
I grabbed the paint dauber and covered another piece of chipboard generously with it. While it was still wet, I covered it in utee. Work quickly, that paint dries fast. I would suggest yo have your utee already open and your tray ready to go. I also just coated the edges of a piece of colored chipboard with paint and coated it with utee, as well!

For a final test, I picked up the glimmer mist and working super-uber-fast I spritzed, moved it to my tray and sprinkled on the utee. I pressed down lightly on the pile of utee a bit to be sure some stuck!

Then came the waiting... that 3D paint had to dry COMPLETELY before you can heat that utee up! So I set all the pieces aside and waited until I was back at my scrap table a few days later, though overnight would have probably done it. I had my set of chipboard ready to heat...

This is the final look. The polka dots are super shiny and the purple base color of the chipboard is a flat color which made for a super nice little combo. And the solid covered piece was shiny too, but not like the video I watched, which I can not seem to find again, sorry.

The glimmer mist did not work, but the paint dauber DID and turned out more like the video!

I loved the 'raindrop' look of the utee on the flat finish of the paint! AND it didn't take overnight to dry, just about ten minutes!!! So here were my three favorites.. One polka dot with 3D paint, one fully coated in paint from the dauber and one edged with the dauber.

If you live in the Scrapville area, and want a hands on with the dauber/utee process come see me at the Make 'n Take day the 17th of September. There will be lots of things to do! Come hang out on facebook with Scrapville as well to hear about all the weekly specials and new arrivals!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The GOOD stuff

Hey, sorry for being gone so long, but man o man it was a rough 8 months or so. I am finally out of the house and all moved, but the paper work of divorce is still waiting. Hate that! I got most things I wanted, except my sweet doggies, but life goes on... right? Sad about that, but so glad to be moving on.

So to catch you all up on the GOOD stuff...

I have been spending my time with an old friend, who after almost two decades, has been a soft spot to land emotionally. He is a rock and my best friend. I am one lucky chica to have him around on the tough days ad an even luckier one to have him one the good days, too!!

My kiddo is about to enter her Junior year in high school, and with the fall also comes another season of HS football games and band stuff, along with the FFA and Ag commitments of a goat.. and probably soon to be pig, as well!! I am gonna be a busy Mama! As for the rest of the fam, well they are about the same... mostly sweet with a few nuts!

Creatively, I hit a wall at the end of last year. I was so emotionally frustrated at home that I couldn't find the peace in creating that I used to... now my peace is back! So, I am slowly getting back to my scrap-habit, and doing pretty well considering over half my stuff is in storage! (WEEP!!!) But, it will be okay, and I can limp along until I am back in a place where I can have it all organized and available at every creative whim.

I am back in the swing of things with the new term of Design Team-ers over at Scrapville (my FAVE DFW LSS) and will be putting up projects along the way. I have done a bunch of technique video cruising recently, and have some cool ideas I will share once they are tried and true. Along with DT, I committed to teaching some classes at Scrapville again and can't wait for the first two! Card class is on the 20th from 2-4 and then that night from 5-7 I am hosting a Technique crop with another DT'er Jenn from 5-7. The card class has a variety of using your pp for creating embellies and in ways not at the front of everyone's brain. The technique crop will have a handful of product demos where you walk away with small embellies or items where you have learned to use a product/technique from 5-7 and then its a full-on crop til midnight... maybe later if Lindy gets Amp'ed up!!!

The September class calendar is not out yet, but I can tell you that some of the projects I have seen from the DT and Scrapville ladies are AWESOME-TASTIC! Make sure if you are local that you check it out! Also, if you want/need specific techniques or types of classes that we listen.. so shoot me a comment and we will get right on that!

I have a few projects in the works and will try to get pics and a how to up later this week... but, for now, find me and Scrapville on facebook and check out the home page at Scrapville online to see their new product (they will ship it to you, just call)!

I am glad to be back in blog-land! Have a great one!