Friday, August 26, 2011


So I love the super fine glitter that PK Glitz has! It is like a powder it is so fine and super sparkly! I picked up this fab little color back in June to go on a LO for design team and have found a few ways to work it in and thought I would share! I have a billion little arrow stickers and they never seem to be the right colors. Annoying? YES! Fixable? YES!

I grabbed an arrow sticker, carefully cutting out the full sticker and a small border around it. The first process of glit-ifying the sticker was to put the sticker in my tray sticky side UP! I poured on the super fine glitter from PK Glitz and then used a burnished glitter technique to be sure it stuck well. Burninshing is super easy, and requires a single tool.. a finger!!! Rubbing in a small circular motion, I worked from one end of the arrow to the other pressing the glitter into the adhesive on the back of the sticker. If I found a spot to have too thin of a coat, I simply added more glitter from the pile around it. I used tweezers, picked up the sticker and tapped on the back until the clumps were gone.

Using the remnant of the sticker sheet, my two way adhesive pen, a bone folder and the same burnishing technique, I did double duty and ended up with an arrow directly on my cs! To do that peel the sticker part of the remnant off the coated paper. Do this carefully! Place it on your cs (I would suggest the LEAST textured cs you have) just as you would if you were using the actual sticker. Once in place, press around the edges of the remnant with the bone folder to be sure you get a good seal. Apply your two way adhesive (I prefer the wedge tipped pen) and allow to dry to clear, for permanent use. Using a splat mat or a tray, sprinkle the glitter and burnish it with your finger like before. Once done burnishing, tap off the extra glitter, and yes the little clumps will separate (once back in the jar). Carefully peel off the sticker remnant and your glittery arrow will remain on your cs!

The darker arrow is the result of direct application on the cs, the lighter arrow is the back of the sticker which happened to be on white paper, and the remnant is there, as well.

Now, for another use of the two-way pen and the glitter with the burnishing technique! I used blackboard letters and my two way pen, along with the same color of PK Glitz glitter. I popped the letter out, coated it in two-way adhesive, waited for it to dry clear and poured on the glitter. Burnished with my finger, tapped it and voila... glit-a-fied chipboard letter!


Now for the use of the cs arrow and the letter...

If you'd like to learn one of these glittery processes, I will be at the September 17th Make 'N Take at Scrapville! Come see me!

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