Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

I hope each of you has time planned for hanging out with the fam and scrapping over this holiday weekend here in the states. I am planning to make a ton of cards for a unit serving outside of Kandahar, Iraq, so that everyone gets a card on the same day at mail call! Just a little way of saying thanks to all the men & women who serve or have served to allow our freedoms to remain intact and it's because of their sacrifice that I would like to challenge you all to remember your military on Monday.

Whether here in the states, or in another country, we all have a military that is full of young men and women that are giving up a normal life. So... I challenge each of you to be the one who speaks up on Monday, at whatever event or gathering you attend. Be the one who reminds everyone what Memorial Day is really for. Be the one who says no matter what your opinion of the war efforts, today is for supporting our troops and their sacrifice... keep the protests and the discouraging remarks for another day, today is to remember that we are all here because of the lives they graciously give up to serve. May our vets, active duty and reserves be held in the hand of God on each and every day.

If you feel drawn to support the US soldiers, consider joining me at Soldiers Angels . They offer support services on many fronts, from sending care packages and cards to providing soldiers for adoption and more one on one support, and the vets and wounded are never left out of their services either! Their work is a blessing to the men & women in uniform, and they could use our help. Here is what the Dodge dealers, Zac brown Band and Soldiers Angels are doing together to support our troops...

If you'd like to help by donating cards of encouragement to the unit in Kandahar, send them to me, leave me a comment and I will get you my address. Then I'll add your cards to the package I am sending!

Coming from a family with a military background, I am even more blessed to have heard first hand and seen the sacrifice of a soldier. As I get older I realize that the freedoms of belief that I am afforded are primarily becasue soemone fought for them. The reason I can vote, worship, think, speak and live on a daily basis is because a soldier wrote a check for an amount "up to an including their life". Thanks to those I know who serve, have served or have given the ultimate gift to the freedoms my daughter has. It is because of you that she is allowed to dream as big as she can, and do so while believing in the Trinity, speaking her peace and living each day without fear while she gets an education she would not be afforded in many countries. I love each of you for your sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day, now go, thank a soldier!

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    What an AWESOME post!!! I couldn't agree more. OH, by the way....the reason I stopped by was to let you know you WON the Blog Candy on my blog today! Please email me your last name and mailing address so I can mail you your goodies! Congrats!