Monday, May 17, 2010

Winning is AWESOME!

The past few weeks have really been CRAZY! A big hop with CropStop for National Scrapbook Day, a big hop with Just My Sketches for Mother's Day... WHEW! There were lots of hoppers and tons of inspiration! Thanks to all the organizers & blogs that participated! Now to get on with it... here are the random number assignments and the winners that picked.....

1 Helen
2 Elaine K
3 Shalini
4 Vicki
5 Angela Khan
6 Nicole
7 goatesgirl -----> Winner!
8 Stephanie
9 Lynn M
10 Anneliese
11 Sandy

NSD with CropStop Comments:
1 Linda
2 Tante Käthe
3 Anneliese
4 Rose
5 JulieAK
6 Rebecca -----> Winner!
7 newfiecrafter
8 jennifer
9 Kim
10 Beedoodle
11 Vicki
12 Nicole
13 Elaine K

Double Hopper:
1 Vicki
2 Angela Khan
3 Nicole -----> Winner!

JMS Mother's Day Hop Comments:
1 Helen
2 Beedoodle
3 Shalini
4 Vicki
5 Angela Khan
6 goatesgirl
7 Nicole
8 Stephanie
9 Sherri
10 Carla -----> Winner!
11 Lynn M
12 Gramjak
13 anazelia
14 Julie
15 Jean Marie
16 Sandy
17 Julie

BONUS Prizes!!! One entry for each commentor:
1 goatesgirl
2 Carla
3 Sherri -----> Winner!
4 Vicki -----> Winner!
5 Jean Marie
6 Sandy
7 Helen
8 Shalini
9 Gramjak
10 Julie -----> Winner!
11 Stephanie
12 Lynn M
13 Angela Khan
14 Julie
15 anazelia
16 Nicole
17 Beedoodle
18 Rebecca
19 JulieAK
20 Elaine K
21 newfiecrafter -----> Winner!
22 Anneliese
23 jennifer
24 Rose
25 Kim
26 Linda
27 Tante Käthe -----> Winner!

Then just because i know how much work it takes to put one of these hops on I wanted to add a few prizes for the hop-stops during the CropStop & JMS hops:

1 Zarna
2 Vicki ---> Winner!
3 Veronica
4 Stephanie
5 Stacy
6 Spharda
7 HJ ---> Winner!
8 Annmaree
9 Anneliese
10 Ann
11 Ana ---> Winner!
12 Monique
13 Melanie
14 Margie
15 Lynn ---> Winner!
16 Lesley
17 Julie
18 Jessica ---> Winner!
19 Janice
20 Gloria
21 Elisabeth
22 Deanne
23 Dalis
24 HJ

Now that the winners are all picked I will be trying to contact each of you... but if you find that I have not found you, feel free to PM me with your address on CropStop or Serendipity (I am Lisanj_2003 on both or email me with that name and an at sign then yahoo period com). Have a fabulous Day and join me tomorrow where I will post what i worked on over the weekend! TTFN!

(The random order of numbers is based on a random sort using excel filters on comments, dates, names and the winner picked using the number each person was assigned was done by Any prizes not claimed will automatically go back into my prize box for the next round--- Complaints may be filed with your local trash collection department. Ha!)


  1. I am so excited I won... you can email me at Is the picture of the prize on your blog what I won? It is just so nice of you to do prizes.

  2. yay I won!!! I can't even remember what I won...hahahaha...I am sure it is fab though, i am so can email me at

  3. Since my camera bit the dust, I had not posted pics of the RAKS. My RAKS are separate from the grand prizes. Nicole, I had already emailed you and goatesgirl I will email you a little later tonight.

  4. You are so generous Lisa! You did such an amazing job on both of these hops! I think you need a prize....:) Thanks girl!

  5. I sent you a pm at cropstop because I havent received the prize yet but I know it might still be on its way considering that the winners were only announced a week ago... what I worried about was that I never got you my address.... let me know if I havent or if the package is on its way. Thanks again and again!

  6. How cool is that I won on NSD cropstop and also in the Bonus Prize. Thank you so much ,I'm so excited . I've emailed you on cropstop since I'm a member there also.
    Thanks again.