Thursday, September 15, 2011

Texas State Fair time is almost here!!

Since I was a kid I have loved the fair. My mom may not have done many things right for me along the way, but making sure we had a good time at the fair was always one. She always filled us up with JUNK, and we loved every minute of it!

I try to carry on that tradition and spend time at the fair every year, remembering the fun and feeling like my sister is there with us in spirit. So, last year during the fair and while the FFA kids were all there busy showing goats, we decided to share our traditions with the group. After lunch we returned to the barn and handed out funnel cakes for the kids to all share. Rachel, a senior and one of the nicest kids ever, had never had one.. we made sure she got one all to herself!!! You'll notice my red head has that 'mom stop taking pictures' face.. I will have you know it did not stop me, and one day when she is grown and can share these memories with her kids, she will thank me. However, she threatened me with my life if I take any more while she is chewing, I might consider the request!


Fletcher's corny dogs, corn on the cob cooked in butter instead of water (horribly bad for you but soooo good!) and yes, even cotton candy, frozen lemonade and funnel cakes! We rode all the rides we wanted, saw a ton of concerts, shopped and looked in through all the booths and were even there for one of the most tragic events that will always be in my brain. the Texas State Fair has had it's impression on me, and I can not wait to try a few of the fried foods that are new this year... the fair opens the last week in September, will you be there?

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