Sunday, January 22, 2012

CSI: Case File 2

The other site (where fellow Serendipity friend Susan is on the DT) I found when I was up in the middle of the night, and piddling around on the laptop is CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration. The first case file was already over, but the second was up and running. I have finished up my LO today and wanted to post it now that the stickles are dry.

So the scene looks like this...


Absolem blue - (blue with a VERY slight touch of green) - 104.164.185 - dress
raspberry reverie - 152.45.75 - flower to the left of Alice
lost in lavender - 186.189.220 -purple flowers
wonderland yellow - 242.235.132 - yellow flowers
untamed teal - 72.178.175 - big leaf on the right (just under the curvy swirly plant)


Choose one (or more) of the following to inspire your journaling:

Look at your photo and journal in a stream-of-consciousness way (free-writing).
Document an adventure.
Use this quote as inspiration: "Good advice. If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here. But that's just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." -- and journal as advice
Inspiration Words: dream, journey, subconscious


Choose two (or more)of the following elements to include on your layout:

architectural elements (e.g., gates, fence, windows, bricks, etc.)
sheer elements
something stone-like (interpret that any way you wish!)

My LO solves this case!



Their third case just hit the top of my desk,and I hope you join me in the quest to solve for beauty!

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